Trail Life USA’s Adventure in the Hills, a troop and patrol focused camping and activity filled weekend will be held at Strath an De’ Farm, (gaelic for “God’s Valley”), two hundred acres of rustic campgrounds, activity setups, and nature.  With the theme Hitting the Mark our goal is to intertwine God’s Word into field sports fun, troop and patrol competitions, badge work, worship, and camping. Come together with us as we enjoy God’s great outdoors.

There is an excitement to the weekend’s theme  -  Hitting the Mark,  be it piercing the target, reaching the top, landing that fish, finishing the job, hearing laughs from your joke.  Accomplishments - of course!  Let's add to those your patrol together - setting up camp, feeding yourselves, working, laughing, learning as a team.  Above even those how about the ahha! moment when you learn deep down - a life skill - a life truth - a God Truth. The ultimate in…  Hitting the Mark!         

Hosted by Trail Life USA's NE Region, we invite you to gather with us August 3rd to the 6th at  Adventure in the Hills